Bulletin of Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research

Editorial Workflow


Manuscript Review Procedure:

The article will be considered for possible publication, provided that it has not been published anywhere, has not been submitted, or has already been accepted for publication in another journal. The journal expects the authors to allow one of them (the corresponding author) to correspond with the journal on all issues related to the correction of the article. The journal accepts articles in Russian and English. Perfect, stylish English is optional, but the language must be clear and unambiguous. All received articles are considered in the prescribed manner.

When submitting an article, the editor first checks all submitted scientific work. Articles with insufficient originality, serious scientific and technical shortcomings or lack of content, if they are not prepared in accordance with the instructions of the journal, are rejected before their official consideration. Articles that are unlikely to be of interest to the scientific community may also be rejected at this stage.

Articles are submitted for review. Each article is reviewed by the editor of the journal, which makes the final decision based on the comments of reviewers. Comments and suggestions from reviewers are sent to the author. If necessary, the author should respond to the comments of reviewers and submit a revised version of his article. This process is repeated until reviewers and editors agree to publish the manuscript.

Manuscripts accepted for publication are checked for grammar, punctuation and format. An article template is sent to the author. The author must return the corrected article within two days.

If the editor recommends rejecting the article, the denial occurs immediately. In addition, if most reviewers recommend rejecting the article, the rejection occurs immediately. The editorial process gives editors the right to reject any work due to a mismatch of its content, poor quality or inaccuracy of its results.

An editor cannot appoint himself an external reviewer of an article. This should ensure the high quality, integrity and impartiality of the review process of each article submitted to the journal, since any article should be recommended by one or more (usually two or more) external reviewers together with the editor responsible for publishing the article in the journal.

The review process is blind, that is, reviewers do not know who the authors of the work are, and the authors do not have access to information about who the reviewer is.

The review process should provide all authors with equal opportunities to publish their work.