About Us

Nexus Academic Publishers (NAP) aims to be the world’s leading information disseminator to bridge the gap between scientists,students and professionals/practitioners in their relevant filed of science and technology.While providing a platform for high quality research especially in under-developed countries throughout the world, we highly appreciate global scientific community to help us for novel research inventions and practices towards advancement in science, technology as well as animal and human health.With strong believe and commitment to explore science in collaboration, we warmly welcome universities and research institutions for launching their research network at our platform. Further we would like to provide an excellent scientific environment that can help in arguments, critical decisions, augment productivity and improve results.The NAP involves publishing platform for verity of online peer reviewed international research journals, thesis and books. Currently, the NAP publishes journals on following subjects:

Our anticipating audience includes scientists, professionals, students, clinicians and other knowledge seekers in all field of human, plant and animal sciences. We are capitalizing our possessions in emerging new creativities, increasing our open access especially in developing countries. Please contact us to communicate your innovative ideas or other relevant matter at info@nexusacademicpublishers.com