Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions of Use by all users of Nexus Academic Publishers (NAP), an online source of publications. By using NAP services, consider the fact that you are agreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The entire contents that includes abstract, each article, books, thesis and other electronic material available through NAP are protected by copyright unless otherwise indicated on the title page of the article or other material for online production. You have been given certain rights as specified below, whereas, all other rights are reserved.

Important Definitions
A. Nexus Academic Publishers - The web based online platform that provides free online availability to all products, services and features offered via this service. Some products and services under this License may be available from other platforms, in future. Nevertheless, the terms and conditions hereof are also applicable to those products and services available from other platforms.
B. Licensee – The customer signing the license agreement will be granted access to Licensed Electronic Products as applicable and available.
C. Authorized Users - Those persons having Licensee will have access to NAP. The current bonafide faculty members, students, researchers, staff members, librarians, executives or employees of the Licensee will be the authorized users and they have to abide by the terms and conditions in the license. General public can also use NAP online platform via license controlled address.
D. Intellectual Property Rights – Includes trade names, trademarks, design rights, patents, copyright, database rights, and others, in all cases whether registered to NAP or not. It is acknowledged by the Authorized Users that the Electronic Products and NAP Online Library and the Intellectual Property Rights contained therein are protected by law. All other rights not specifically licensed to the Licensee are possessed by NAP.
E. Electronic Products –These includes products, services and content available online on NAP website. The electronic editions of NAP journals, publication and the content therein(online), including but not limited to major reference works, protocols, laboratory manuals and databases.

Rules of Using NAP Platform
Following regulations are applied to make NAP Online platform and the available Electronic Products helpful
1. Authorized Users will be able to approach all contents of websites within NAP Online Platform.
2. Authorized Users will be able to access all full text Electronic Products which have subscribed it at the institution level or Personal License.
3. Authorized Users may search, retrieve, download, copy, save and print out individual articles. The Users may also disseminate such material to a colleague but cannot re-sale for commercial use. Moreover, Authorized Users will have the authority to use figures, tables and short material from electronic products with appropriate charges for their personal educational works.
4. After online registration, all authorized persons may be able to make a My Profile Page
5. Custom e-mail alerting services should be managed for creating links of Electronic Product. In order to do so, Authorized Users must register by their user name and password which should be kept confidential. The Users are not allowed to sell, reproduce or transmit any material or product to anyone either free or on cost.
6. Authorized Users agree not to remove or modify any material on electronic products. However the comments of authors will be welcomed to improve the available contents. The Users may not do anything to restrict or inhibit any other Authorized User\'s access to or use of NAP online platform.
7. If any of the Authorized User fails to abide by these Terms and Conditions or violates any other terms of this Agreement, NAP reserves the right to terminate their access to online platform and the Electronic Products immediately without any notice.
8. Authorized Users shall not have the right to include any material from the Licensed Electronic Products into any storage area under any state of affairs without NAP’s prior written approval.

Additional Terms
NAP is not responsible for any charges related with accessing the Platform and the Electronic Products.
Further, it possesses the rights to modify any of these terms and conditions at any time by providing a notice. NAP may provide links to third party websites; however, NAP disclaims all responsibility and liability for such contents and their use.

Data Protection Policy
NAP can realize the importance of protecting the information it collects for operation of NAP Online Library and will act in compliance with the Standard Privacy Policy.

Additional Services
NAP provides additional services, including E-mail Alerting Services, which are opted into by registration and may be opted out, at any time. Authorized Users consent to the use of their information when choosing to take advantage of this and other services offered by NAP.