Bulletin of Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research


The "Bulletin of Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research" publishes articles on the relationship between various government agencies and societies. The journal accepts articles on historical sciences, as well as the publication of research at the intersection of Sciences. In particular, Historical and Economic Research, as well as Historical and Philosophical Research are welcomed. In comparison with other similar editions, the journal publishes articles in new scientific fields: "Institutional History“, including ”History of the Institute of the Orthodox Church“, ”Institutional Economics“, including ”Economics of the Institute of The Labor Market" and other newest areas of scientific research.

Key Features:

The Editorial Board determines the order of publication of articles. The author retains copyright to his articles.

The journal is registered in the National Center of ISSN of the Russian Federation, it is assigned the International Standard Number of Electronic Network Edition, № 2658-5561 from October 23, 2018. Certificate of Registration ISSN is 2658-5561.

The Journal is registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). Certificate EL number FS 77 - 74931 dated January 21, 2019. Certificate of Roskomnadzor

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Journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index RSCI

The journal in 2018 was accepted and indexed in IP Indexing.

Journal is published four times a year:

№ 1 - January, February, March,
№ 2 - April, May, June,
№ 3 - July, August, September,
№ 4 - October, November, December.

The journal publishes articles in the following scientific areas:

Historical Sciences and Archeology;
Philosophical Sciences;
Economic Sciences.