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The Journal of Advances in Parasitology

Research Article
J. Adv. Parasitol. 4(1): 9-14
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Ahmed Mohamad Mandour, Mahmoud El-Hady Mohamad Mohamad Monib, Abeer El-Sayed Mahmoud*, Asmaa Hosney Deeb

Departments of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt.
Abstract | Sarcocystosis is a zoonotic disease caused by coccidian/apicomplexan protozoa in humans and animals. The prevalence of muscular sarcocystosis among 100 patients with non-specific rheumatic diseases was determined. An indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT) using the Sarcocystis fusiformis antigen was used. The sero-prevalence among all examined patients was 52%. Patients with myositis have the highest percentage of positivity (39.5%). Statistical significance was between positive and negative cases in group A (non-specific rheumatic diseases) with highly significant results in the myositis subgroup. 39 out of 52 (75%) seropositive patients expressed eosinophilia (7-18%). There was no cross reaction with Toxoplasma positive serum. Muscular sarcocystosis may be an important cause of the non-specific rheumatic diseases especially myositis with increasing percentages over years in our locality. Further studies, for the source of infection, early diagnosis and treatment are necessary, as they remain unclear.

Keywords | Muscular sarcocystosis, Non-specific rheumatic diseases, Myositis, IFAT, Sarcocystis fusiformis antigen