The Journal of Advances in Parasitology

Research Article
J. Adv. Parasitol. 6(1): 7-11
Figure 1

Reveals that, out of 61 Leishmania positive tissues 58.57% tissues were found positive for Leishmania tropica and 41.43% tissues were found positive for Leishmania major 

Figure 2

Indicates that, the distribution of infection according to the body parts the 51.42% victims had lesions on the faces where as 22.85% had lesions on hands 18.57% had lesions on legs and 7.14% lesions were observed on the abdomen. 

Figure 3

Showing positive bands for Leishmania tropica at 620 base pairs. Plate.1 is a Gel documentation which reveals that, Leishmania tropica bands appeared at 620 base pairs.

Figure 4

Showing positive bands for the Leishmania major appeared at 670 base pairs also reported similar bands of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) product with sizes of 620 base pairs for Leishmania tropica and Leishmania major in Iran. Establishment of Leishmaniasis is associated with that, of the establishment of sandfly population in Sindh-Province of Pakistan. Sandfly is distributed in rural areas of Sindh-Province which are located near Indus River.