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The Journal of Advances in Parasitology

Research Article
J. Adv. Parasitol. 6(1): 1-6
Figure 1

Group of fresh water fish examined. a: 1-Nile puffer; 2- Bottle nose; 3&c -bagrus bajad; 4-Barbus bynni; 5- Labeo niloticus; 6&b- Oreochromis niloticus. 

Figure 2

Different capillaria spp. stages recovered from fish. a- Adult male; b- Adult male Ant.end showing esophagus with stichocytes; c- Adult male Post.end; d&e- Adult female showing uterus containing peanut eggs; f- Female Ant. end showing esophagus with stichocytes; g- Large sized larva x10; h- Large sized larva x20; I- Large sized larva x40; j- Small sized larva x10; k- Small sized larva x20; l- Small sized larva x40; Arrows pointed to stichocytes.