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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 3 (1): 11 - 18
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Ponraj Perumal1, Suresh Kumar Srivastava2, Kezhavituo Vupru3, Kobu Khate3, Anil Kumar Nahak4, Chandan Rajkhowa5
1Animal Reproduction Laboratory, ICAR- National Research Centre on Mithun, Jharnapani, Nagaland – 797 106, India; 2Animal Reproduction Division, ICAR- Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh–243 122, India; 3ICAR- National Research Centre on Mithun, Jharnapani, Nagaland – 797 106, India; 4Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa – 751003, India; 5ICAR- National Research Centre on Mithun, Jharnapani, Nagaland–797 106, India.

*Correspondence | Ponraj Perumal, ICAR- National Research Centre on Mithun, Jharnapani, Nagaland, India; Email:

A study was designed to measure the semen quality parameters (SQP) such as volume, colour, concentration, mass activity, percent of sperm motility, viability, total morphological abnormality, intactness of acrosome, plasma membrane, nucleus, vanguard distance travelled by sperm in bovine cervical mucus and hydrogen ion concentration in freezable and non-freezable ejaculates of Mithun. Fifty ejaculates were collected from ten matured Mithun bulls and split to freezable and non-freezable ejaculates based on the post thaw motility (40% or more considered as freezable ejaculates). The result has shown that SQP differed significantly (P< 0.05) between the freezable and non-freezable ejaculates and freezable ejaculates have significantly (P< 0.05) higher value than the non-freezable ejaculates. However, morphological abnormality and pH were significantly (P< 0.05) higher in non-freezable than in freezable ejaculates. Mass activity was positively (P< 0.05) correlated with motility, liveability, integrity of acrosome, plasma membrane, nucleus and BCMPT and negatively correlated (P< 0.05) with morphological abnormality. Concluded that SQPs were significantly higher in freezable than in non-freezable ejaculates and indicates freezable sperm has higher structural stability than the non-freezable sperm caused freezable sperm.

Keywords | Mithun, Semen quality parameters, Freezability