Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 9(4): 555-562
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Thobela Louis Tyasi1*, Widya Pintaka Bayu Putra2

1Department of Agricultural Economics and Animal Production, University of Limpopo, Polokwane, South Africa 0727; 2Research Center for Biotechnology, Indonesian Institute of Science, Cibinong, Indonesia 16911.

Abstract | Goat is one of important livestock in Africa for meat and milk productions. This research was aimed to characterize the morphological structure in South African non-descript does (1-2 years of age). Two body parameters including body measurements (14 variables) and body indices (11 variables) were used in this study and taken from fifty (n = 50) does. The data of two body parameters were used to characterize the animal’s morphological structure. Factor analysis including Pearson’s correlations, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and multiple regression analysis were used for evaluations. Results of Pearson’s correlation analysis of body measurements indicated that body weight had a positive and highly statistical association with body length (r = 0.84, P<0.01). While in body indices the body weight had a positive and highly statistical correlation with area index (r = 0.83, P<0.01). PCA results showed that two body parameters in this study were explained about 80% of total variance in animal’s morphological structure. Despite, three PC’s of body indices in does have very high correlation with body weight (R2 = 0.82). Meanwhile, four PC’s of body measurements in does have moderate correlation with body weight (R2 = 0.59). It can be concluded that six body measurements (bicostal diameter, ear length, head width, head length, heart girth, cannon circumference) and six body indices (length index, depth index, conformation index, proportionality, thoracic development, cannon thickness index) were classified into first component that explain about 30.06% in body measurements and 48.88% in body indices. The results revealed that the first component in the body indices can be used as the criteria for South African non-descript goat because it represents the animal’s morphological structure and body weight.

Keywords | Body weight, Body measurements, Body indices, Pearson correlation, Multiple regression analysis