Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 9(2): 289-294
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Ahmed Zein Elabdeen Mahmoud1, Muaz Magzob Abdellatif2,3*, Yahia Hassan Ali2,4

1Hail Veterinary Laboratory, Ministry of Agriculture. Saudi Arabia; 2Department of Biology (Microbiology), Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia; 3Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Vet Science, University of Nyala, Sudan; 4Department of Virology, Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, Khartoum, Sudan.

Abstract | Peste des Petits ruminants (PPR), Blue tongue (BT), and Foot and mouth disease (FMD) are infectious viruses of livestock. The present work aimed to screen for anti-NP-PPRV, VP7-BTV, and NS-FMDV antibodies among non-vaccinated domestic ruminants (n=841) in Hail. Saudi Arabia. Sera were collected randomly from sheep (n=270), goats (n=270), cattle (n=31), and camels (n=270) of different ages and sex and tested at once by NP-PPR, VP7- BTV, and 3ABC-FMD competitive ELISA. The overall prevalence was 51.8% for PPR, 48.9% for BT, and 17.5% for FMD. Higher positivity for PPR (79.3%), BT (74.1%), and FMD (23.3%) was found in sheep. Co-occurrence of antibodies was 32.9% for PPR/BT and 11.2% for PPR/FMD and BT, PPRV/ BTV and FMDV antibodies was detected in sheep (6.5%), goats (4.4%) and camels (0.2%), PPRV and BTV in sheep (17.4%), goats (15.5%) and camels (0.1%), PPRV and FMDV in goats (0.7%) and cattle (0.2%) and FMDV and BTV was detected in goats (0.5%) and camels (0.1%). Significant correlations between seroprevalence and animal species, PPRV and BTV, PPRV and FMDV, BTV and FMDV were estimated. Novel rapid, sensitive, and specific multiplex immunoassays are essential for the detection of co-infection to improve the management of these devastating viruses.

Keywords | Coexistence, PPRV, FMDV, BTV, Antibodies. Saudi Arabia