Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 8(11): 1188-1193
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Mahmoud Hamouda1*, Ahmed Saber2, Abdullkarem Al-Shabebi1

Department of Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia; Department of Pathology, Animal Reproductive, Research Institute, Egypt.

Abstract | The present study was designed to study the prevalence of common reproductive disorders that play a role in infertility in female buffaloes. A total of 340 reproductive tractsof female buffaloes was examined. Ovaries, oviducts and uteri were inspected for gross lesion and examined histologically. Ovarian lesions were recorded in 59 animals out of 340 (17.35%) as follows: follicular cysts in 8 animals (2.35%), luteal cysts in 9 animals (2.64%), cystic corpus luteum in 3 animals (0.88%), persist corpus luteum in 18 animals (5.29%), ovarian hypoplasia in one animal (0.29%), oophritis in one animal (0.29%), ovarian hydrobursitis in 2 animals (0.59%),ovario bursal adhesions in 3 animals (0.88%), teratoma in 2 animals (0.59%), fibroma in one animal (0.29%), paraovarian cysts in 11 (3.24%). Hydrosalpinx was recorded in 5 animals (1.47%). Acute endometritis was recorded in 3 animals (0.88%). Chronic endometritis was recorded in 26 animals (7.65%). Adenomyosis was recorded in 2 animals (0.59%). Regarding to the effect of season on the frequency of disorders, the lesions in the summer season either ovarian (แตก2=8.11,P>0.05) or uterine (แตก2=13.83,P>0.01) were of higher incidence than other seasons. In a conclusion, the current study disclosed that reproductive disorders seem to be an important value with possible subsequent infertility in female buffaloes.

Keywords | Buffaloe, Infertility, Uterus, Ovary.