Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Case Report
Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 8(11): 1184-1187
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Deniz Nak1, Yavuz Nak1, Abid Hussain Shahzad2*

1Uludag University, Veterinary Faculty, Bursa, Turkey; 2Theriogenology Section, CVAS, Jhang-35200 Pakistan.

Abstract | Pregnancy toxemia is associated with a relative lack or alteration in the carbohydrate metabolism. Ketosis usually occurs during the late gestation in bitches due to inadequate nutrition or inability to eat enough carbohydrates to meet energy demand with increased litter size. A four-year-old, 55 day pregnant Golden Retriever bitch was presented for evaluation of anorexia, weakness, staggering gait, restlessness, tremble, contraction and subsequent coma. Diagnosis of pregnancy toxemia was based on the presence hypoglycemia in blood and ketone bodies in urine. Fetal’s viability was assessed by heart beat using Ultrasonography. The bitch completely recovered after treatment. On 63rd of gestation, whelping of eight healthy pups was observed. Mostly this condition is overlooked by breeders and misdiagnosed by veterinarians, because it is more common in other species of animals, such as small ruminants and Guinea Pig Sows than canine pregnancy. It is potentially life threatening in severe cases and bitches with large litter size are predisposed to pregnancy toxemia particularly Yorkshire terriers and Labradors. Therefore, case is aimed to present clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy toxemia in Golden Retriever Bitch.

Keywords | Pregnancy toxemia, Golden retriever, Hypoglycemia, Hyperketonemia,Whelping