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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 8(10): 1057-1062
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Victor Khvatov*, Mikhail Schipakin

St. Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine, 5 Chernigovskaya St., St. Petersburg, 196084, Russia.

Abstract | This study provides information about features of the ways and branching of the central sinus veins of the heart of the goats of the Anglo-Nubian breed. There was studying morphometric data of the large and medium heart veins in the studied animals in the age aspect. The study carried out in three age groups: newborn animals 10-14 days; sexually mature individuals 6-7 months; one-year-old goats 12 months and older. The age was determined by scorecards, by the conclusion of the veterinary specialist of the farm “Gzhel Compound” and by the dental formula corresponding to the methods of Professor Kalugin II (1924). There were examining a total of 25 animals. Studying features of ways and branching the sinus veins of the heart of Anglo-Nubian goats using X-ray diffraction, the manufacture of corrosive and enlightened preparations. The sinus veins of goats of the Anglo-Nubian breed are the large and middle heart veins. Each of them independently flows into the coronary sinus, which located ventral to the right atrium of the heart. The large cardiac vein begins with two distal lateral branches in the lower third of the paraconal interventricular sulcus. The length of the large heart vein in mature individuals compared with newborns increases by 1.3 times, and in one-year-old individuals compared with mature ones, 1.1 times. The diameter of the large cardiac vein also increases 1.6 times in the adult, and 1.01 times in the one-year-old. The middle heart vein formed by two branches, one of which is direct from the wall of the left ventricle, and second from anastomosis with branches of the large cardiac vein located in the region of the notch of the apex of the heart. The length of the average heart vein in sexually mature goats compared with newborns increases by 2.94 times, while in one-year-old goats compared with sexually mature ones, it practically does not increase. The diameter of the middle heart vein in the age aspect in goats indicates that in sexually mature individuals, it increases by 1.3 times and in year-olds by 1.06 times. The morphometric data obtained in this study suggest that the growth rate of sinus veins after the maturity of the individuals studied by us is rapidly decreasing.

Keywords | Goats, Heart, Vascularization, Heart veins, Coronary sinus