Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 8(8): 861-867
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Haitham Mohamed Elsayed1*, Fawzy Ramadan Hassanien2, Sayed Mekawy Ibrahim1, Abd El-Rahman Mohamed Sulieman2

1Fish Processing and Technology Laboratory, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Egypt; 2Food Science and Technology Department, Faculty Agriculture, Zagazig Univ., Egypt.

Abstract | This study was planned to investigate the proximate composition, quality indices, amino acids, fatty acids, volatile aromatic compounds and minerals content of blue swimmer crab meat. Blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) samples (average weight was 140.13±0.13g) were obtained from Baltim fish market, Kafar Elshaikh, Egypt during July, (2019). Blue crab meat samples were stored -18°C for 12 hrs. They were washed with tap water, manually dis-carapaces, then meat obtained was rewashed carefully and drained. The obtained results showed that the major constituents (wet wt.) of raw crab meat were 83.59% moisture, 9.12% crude protein, 1.80% lipid, 1.22% ash and 4.27% carbohydrates content. In addition, values of quality criteria of carp flesh were 7.35 pH, 47.42 mg/100g total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N), 0.19 mg/100g trimethylamine nitrogen (TMA-N) and 0.15 mg Malonaldhyed/kg sample thiobarbituric acid (TBA). Also, crab meat contained 19 volatile aromatics compounds, 8 essential amino acids (EAA), 9 nonessential amino acids (NEAA), 8 saturated fatty acids (SFAs) and 7 unsaturated fatty acids (USFAS). In addition, it contained high levels of Na, K, Ca and Mg. In general, this study confirms that blue crab meat is an important source of valuable nutrients AAS, FAs and major elements.

Keywords | Blue crab, Quality indices, Nutritive value