Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 8(7): 735-741
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Sang-Hwan Kim, Jong-Taek Yoon*

Hankyong National University Korea, Republic.

Abstract | This study evaluated genetic distances and single nucleotide polymorphisms between Korean native chickens (KNC) and Southeast Asian chickens using mtDNA D-loop region control analysis. Originating from 36 chickens of three different populations, a DNA fragment (1231-1232 bp) from the mtDNA D-loop region was sequenced. A total of 34 variable sites with distinct 28 haplotypes were identified. Phylogenetic analysis indicated the clustering of KNC and Southeast Asia chickens with wild chicken breeds. However, Korean native chicken Red-line (KCR) did not diverge enough from Korean native chicken red with a black line (KCRD). Haplotype analysis showed ten different haplotypes with 19 SNPs among KCR and native Korean chicken Blackline (KCO). 90% of the variation diversity accounted for Korean native chicken populations with minimal differentiation among the individual strains. Chinese chicken breed-types were observed in KCRD and related breeds. Besides adding to the existing knowledge, the results of this study further ascertain verification and later commercialization of Korean native chickens.

Keywords | SNP, D-loop, haplotype, Native Korean chicken, Phylogeny