Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 8(1): 61-66
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Amira Bakeche*, Amina Djouini, Amir Manseur, Mouna Nouacer, Abdelmadjid Bairi, Abdelkrim Tahraoui

Applied Neuroendocrinology Laboratory, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University Badji Mokhtar, Annaba, Algeria.

Abstract | The standard environments commonly used in laboratories obscure the multifaceted parameters of the rodent environment. Thus they can influence their motor skills and their learning. This work proposes to simulate an enriched environment and to study the response to a predation stress according to the nycthemere. We have 32 Wistar rats separated into 08 batches of 04 rats each and placed in two types of accommodation: standard and enriched. At day 01 we have exposed for 5min these rats to a predator. At D02, we evaluated its motor coordination by the BWT and between D03 and D07 its cognitive abilities by the Y Maze Test in condition of (16D / 08L as well as 12D / 12L). The results indicate a reduction in stress reactivity within (12D / 12L) (04±0.81) wrong step in SE against (3±0.81) in EE during dark period, the clear phase is marked by (0.75±0.5) SE and (0.5±0.57) EE. In (16D / 08L) the same parameter is (1.5±0.19) in SE and (2±0.81) in EE in clear time, (1.25±0.5) in SE and (1±0.81) in EE in dark periods. In terms of apprenticeship, EE rats respond better with the correct arm entries in the period (12D / 12L) a change from 1.25 to J03 to 3.75 to J07 in EE vs.1.5 to J03 to 2.75 to J07 in light time SE. In the dark phase it increases from 1.5 to J03 to 3.75 to J07 in SE and from 2 to J03 to 4.25 to J07 in EE. In (16D / 08L) rats were in a clear period from 0.5 to J03 to 3 to J07 in SE and from 2.5 to J03 to 4 to J07 in EE compared to 1.2 to J03 to 3.25 to J07 in SE and 1.5 to J03 to 3.5 J07 in dark period. As a result, the breeding environment has an interest in the defensive reaction and can impact the behavioural response, even independently of the period of activity.

Keywords | Environment, Photoperiod, Stress, Motor skills, Learning