Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 8(1): 25-31
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Riesi Sriagtula*, Imana Martaguri, Mardhiyetti, Zurmiati

Department of Animal Feed and Technology, Faculty of Animal Science, Andalas University, Padang 25163, Indonesia.

Abstract | This study was aimed to observe the effects of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) inoculation and additives on quality and the characteristics of whole crop brown midrib sorghum. The experiment was carried out experimentally using a completely randomized factorial design with 4 replications. Factor A is A1 = without LAB, A2 = addition of BAL. Factor B consists of B1 = without additives, B2 = rice bran, B3 = corn. Parameters observed were the characteristics and quality of silage including pH, fleigh point (FP), dry matter content (DM), crude protein (CP), crude fiber (CF), crude fat (EE) and ash. Data were analyzed based on the analysis of variants according to the Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT). The results showed that there was no interaction (P> 0.05) between the addition of LAB and additives to pH, FP, DM, CP, CF, EE and, ash while the single additive factor had a significantly different effect (P <0.05) of DM on whole crop BMR sorghum mutant silage. From this study it can be concluded that in general the addition of LAB inoculants and additives produced the same characteristics and quality of silage, however, the addition of rice bran and corn produced the higher levels of DM silage than without LAB and additives.

Keywords | Additives, Brown midrib, Sorghum, LAB, Yakult.