Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 7(11): 986-993
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Yin Yin Kyawt, Bo Bo Hein, Kaung Si Thu Hein, Nay Thu Hein, Len Hung, Nang Ai Mon Mon Hwan, Aye Chan Oo, Aung Paing Soe Oo, Khant Zin Oo, Thant Zin Oo, Min Htut Oo, Khin Sandar Myint, Soe Min Thein, Min Aung*, Khin San Mu

Department of Animal Nutrition, University of Veterinary Science, Yezin, Nay Pyi Taw, 15013, Myanmar

Abstract | This experiment was conducted to determine the effects of dietary supplementation of rice distiller dried grain (rDDG) on growth performance and digestibility of growing pigs. Fifteen growing pigs (30±1.3 kg) were assigned into 5 groups with 3 replicates, supplied with diet including different levels of rDDG 0% (rDDG-00), 5% (rDDG-5), 10% (rDDG-10), 15% (rDDG-15) and 20% (rDDG-20) respectively for 10 weeks. Free assess to water with nipples were provided for pigs. Weekly cumulative feed intake, body weight gain and feed conversion ratio (FCR) were estimated. Also, feed digestibility and feed cost per kg of feed and body weight were determined. The rDDG possessed a high crude protein (50.19%) and energy content (3005 Kcal/kg). Cumulative feed intake were not significantly different, however, body weight gain of pigs from rDDG-15 and rDDG-20 groups were significantly lower than the other groups at week-10. Lower cumulative feed conversion ratios (FCR) were observed in pigs from rDDG-05 and rDDG-10 in comparison with rDDG-00, rDDG-15 and rDDG-20 at week-8, 9 and 10. The digestibility of experimental feeds was not significantly different between groups. The feed cost was reduced about 30 MMK/kg feed for every 5% increasing of rDDG inclusion in diet. The lowest feed costs per kg BW were observed in rDDG-05 and rDDG-10 and followed by rDDG-15, rDDG-20 and rDDG-00. Thus, dietary supplementation of rice distiller dried grain (rDDG) up to 10% of diet improved growth performance and decreased feed cost per kg of body weight of growing pigs.

Keywords | Rice distiller dried grain, Growing pigs, Performance, Digestibility, Feed cost