Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 7(s1): 106-111
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SI Nikolayev1*, AK Karapetyan1, VN Rudnikov1, LV Andreyenko1, VG Frizen2, SO Shapovalov3

1Volgograd State Agrarian University; 2MegaMix LLC; 3SRC “Cherkizovo”

Abstract | The paper presents the results of the use of a premix, in which a mustard protein-containing feed concentrate “Gorlinka” was used as a filler, in the rations of broiler chickens and laying hens. The use of premix based on the derivative products of the oil extraction industry made it possible to increase the average daily weight gain in broiler chickens by 3.5%, the live weight at the end of the experiment – by 3.42%, and the total gain – by 3.51%. The authors also observed a tendency to feed cost reduction per 1 kg of live weight gain in poultry of the experimental group. Thus, the feed costs were lower in the experimental group by 3.68% and the cost efficiency of the new premix was 6,730 rubles per 1,000 animals. Positive results were also obtained for the second experiment on laying hens. The use of the premix based on the “Gorlinka” feed concentrate in rations contributed to an increase in egg-laying capacity of the poultry by 0.81%, an increase in the average egg weight by 1.26%. The cost of compound feed for the production of ten eggs was reduced by 2.27%. The cost efficiency of the new premix was 3,782.24 rubles per 1,000 animals. Based on the obtained results, the recommend the inclusion of premix with “Gorlinka” concentrate in rations of agricultural poultry in order to increase its productivity and the cost efficiency of the poultry industry.

Keywords | Broiler chickens, Laying hens, Compound feed, Premix, Live weight, Egg-laying capacity