Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Research Article
Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 7(9): 776-781
Figure 1

Chart showing the sequence fragments generated from PCR of primer combinations and their respective nucleotide position in the PBoV genome.

Figure 2

The near complete genome of Malaysian PBoV isolate.

Figure 3

Phylogenetic tree of Malaysian PBoV isolate MK467456 with 25 nucleotide sequences of complete or near complete genome of PBoV and other bocaviruses. The percentage of replicate trees in which the associated taxa clustered together in the bootstrap test (1000 replicates) are shown next to the branches. The vertical lines indicate PBoV grouping based on VP-1 classification. Round bullet designates Malaysian PBoV sequence generated from the present study; triangle bullets designate the two U.S.A. PBoV strains closest to Malaysian strain; square bullet designates the China PBoV strain closest to the PBoV reported in human infection (Safamamesh et al., 2018).  Virus names are as follows: PBoV, Porcine bocavirus; BPV, Bovine parvovirus; HBoV, Human bocavirus; GBoV, Gorilla bocavirus; CMV, Canine minute virus; FBoV, Feline bocavirus; CBoV, Canine bocavirus; CslBoV, California sea lion bocavirus.