Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 7(8): 648-656
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Ikram Mercha1,2*, Nazha Lakram2, Mohammed Rachid Kabbour2, Mohammed Bouksaim2, Fouzia Zkhiri1, EL Haj EL Maadoudi2

1Laboratory of Virology, Microbiology & Quality / Eco-toxicology & Biodiversity. University Hassan II, Faculty of Science and Techniques of Mohammedia, PB 146 Mohammedia 20650 Morocco; 2RU Animal Production and Forage, Inra, Rcar-Rabat, PB 6570, Institutes Rabat, 10101, Rabat Morocco.

Abstract | Several studies have revealed optimal methods of cultivation and production of the Argane tree around the world. Certainly, Morocco includes the highest rate of production, however, many countries have started experimenting with promoting and using different products of this plant for its therapeutic and cosmetic virtues. The present work was conducted to evaluate the effect of using press oil cake and pulp from the Argane tree in animal feeding on different parameters of raw camel milk collected in the Ounagha region (Essaouira-Morocco). Here, the mineral contents and antioxidant capacity of seventy-eight milk samples collected from two camel populations were analyzed. The first population was characterized by a diet including Argane by products, whilst the second represented the control population. Results from this investigation demonstrated that camel milk samples consuming The Argane diet (AD) constituted an interesting supplement of natural antioxidants, especially that of total phenolic compounds (TPC). (TPC) of AD milk varied from 17.29 ± 0.61 to 22.65 ± 1.15 mg GAE/g of DM, while TPC of the control diet (CD) milk ranged from 10.74 ± 0.39 to 12.46 ± 0.33 mg GAE/g of DM. Furthermore, a mineral analysis demonstrated that AD milk samples were found to be rich in potassium, magnesium and other minerals with various health benefits. It is concluded that, the Argane diet (AD) could replace conventional diets for camels without any side effects and could therefore be used as a cost-effective feed source for camels in dry areas.

Keywords | Camel milk, Press oil cake, Argane tree, Antioxidant capacity, Phenolic compounds, Mineral content.