Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 7(6): 516-521
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M.A. Ahmed, Layth M. Alkattan*

College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Surgery and Theriogenology Mosul, Iraq.

Abstract | This study was intended to compare the autogenous skin graft and alloskin graft in twelve adult local breed dogs. Animals were allocated randomly into two equal groups, 6 animals each. A 10cm circular skin pieces, full thickness, were harvested aseptically from the lower abdomen. These grafts were prepared for grafting. The created defects were repaired with the prepared grafts and were fixed firmly with an underlying bed of the same animal. Postoperatively, both macroscopic and microscopic examinations were performed at the periods of a week, a month and two months). The same procedure was followed in the second group, except the skin graft was obtained from a dog and fixed to an induced defect in another dog. In the first group, results did not exhibit any troubles in the physiological status or side effects during the first-weekpost-grafting. Histopathological examination revealed signs of inflammatory reaction, necrosis, and degeneration of the dermis layer. Two months later, the formation of granulation tissue (scar) and restoration of normal skin color was observed without hair follicles formation. Histologically, there was an extension of collagen fibers at the site of operation. However, in the second group, signs of inflammation and hemorrhage were detected after a week of the operation. Histological examination revealed the absence of signs of rejection, little hair formation and pigmentation similar to the donor skin. Two months postoperatively, there was sloughing of the epidermis layer of the grafted tissue. Histologically, there was deposition of collagen fibers (sheet-like) as a response to granulation tissue formation. To sum up, the study specified the successful outcomes of using skin allograft where the site of operation renewed with the same color of donor skin with a little hair formation.

Keywords | Autograft, Allograft, Skin, Dogs