Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 6(12): 542-547
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Worod Salih, Afaf Abdulrahman Yousif*

University of Baghdad, College of Veterinary Medicine, Al Gaderia, Iraq.

Abstract | This study was conducted to detect five virulence factors include invA, spvC, fimA, stn and Typh genes on 4 isolates of S. typhimurium serotype which isolated previously from 3 puppies and 1 adult dog, this isolates were confirmed by culture, biochemical, Gram stain and serotyped at the National Center of salmonella in the Baghdad / Ministry of Health. The 4 isolates [3 isolated from puppies and 1 from adult] were confirmed by conventional PCR, A five genes were designed for molecular study, these include invA, spvC, fimA, stn and Typh genes. The results of molecular study showed that all isolates were positive to Typh gene, while invA gene was detected in two isolates only. One isolate only was having SpvC gene. The results of fimA gene showed presence of this gene in two isolates, while the Stn gene was not detected in in any isolates of S. typhimurium. In conclusion, the Salmonella typhimurium had been detected in dogs and puppies which can cause an infection in human and PCR system is useful in the detection of virulence of this bacteria.

Keywords | Salmonella, Molecular, Canine, S. typhimurium, Gene