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Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 6(11): 486-491
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Sulastri Sulastri, Siswanto Siswanto, Kusuma Adhianto*

Animal Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Lampung, Jl Sumantri Brojonegoro no 1 Bandarlampung, Lampung, Indonesia, 35145.

Abstract | Saburai goat was local name crossbred Boer buck and Ettawa grade goat does. The main objectives of this study were to estimate heritability (h2), repeatability (r), and genetic correlation (rg) among body measurements and body weight. Survey method were used to collect data 150 progenies. Variables observed at birth, weaning and yearling were body weight (BW, WW,YW) body measurement, body height (BBH, WBH, YBH), body length (BBL, WBL, YBL), chest circumference (BCC, WCC, YCC), hip height (BHH, WHH, YHH), ear length (BEL, WEL, YEL), and ear width (BEW, WEW, YEW). The result indicated that h2 for performance at birth that was lowest were BEW (0.07±0.02) and the highest were BHH (0.14±0.05), at weaning that was lowest were WEW (0.07±0.01), the highest were WCC (0.17±0.00) and WHH (0.17±0.00), at yearling that were lowest were YEL (0.09±0,01) and YEW (0,09±0,02), the highest were YHH (0,19±0,06). Repeatability at birth that was lowest were BEL (0.10±0.02), the highest were BBH(0.16±0.01) and BHH(0.16±0.03), at weaning that was lowest were WEL (0.12±0.02) and WEW (0.12 ±0.04), the highest were WBL (0.19±0.03), at yearling that was lowest were YEW (0.14±0.03), the highest were YBH (0.22±0.09) and YBL (0.22±0.08). Genetic correlation at birth that was lowest were between BBW and BEW (0.08±0.01), the highest between BBW and BCC (0.14±0.07), rg at weaning that was lowest were between WBW and WEW(0.10±0.03), the highest were between WBW and WCC (0.21±0.08), rg at yearling that was lowest were between YBW and YEW (0.08±0.01), the highest between YBW and YBL (0.19±0.08), between YBW and YCC (0.19±0.07), between YBW and YHH (0.19±0.09). It could be concluded that body measurement can be used as selection criteria to increase body weight.


Keywords | Saburai goat, Heritability, Repeatability, Genetic correlation, Body measurement