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Res. J. Vet. Pract. 6(1): 1-6
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Abdul Rahim1, Khalid Naeem1*, Saba Rafique1, Naila Siddique1, Muhammad Athar Abbas1, Akbar Ali2, Abdul Hameed3

1National Reference laboratory for Poultry Diseases, Animal Sciences Institute, PARC National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad; ²Directorate of Animal Disease Diagnostic Reporting and Surveillance Punjab, Lahore; 3International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Abstract | The present work was conducted to investigate the isolation and seroprevalence of avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) serotypes in commercial poultry in Pakistan. In order to isolate IBV from clinically infected birds, specimens were processed and passaged in embryonated chicken eggs and in chicken embryo kidney cells (CEK). Out of twenty five suspected specimens six were found positive for IBV, on the basis of major lesions in embryonated chicken eggs on post in ovo inoculation and cytopathic effects (CPE) upon virus inoculation in CEKcell culture. None of the propagated sample was found positive through Agar Gel Precipitation Test (AGPT). Sero analysis of five hundred serum samples from six breeder and broiler flocks were screened against IBV serotypes, namely, D-274, D-1466, H-120,4/91 and M-41 using haemagglutination inhibition (HI) assay. During serological analysis seroconversion against IBV serotypes D-274 and D-1466were observed inPoultry Breeder farms at Abbotabad and Qalandarabad.Moreover, Poultry Breeder farms at Multan and Sihala (Islamabad) the seroconversion was observed against IBV serotype H-120 & 4/91, where as in Jumma Bazar Broilers, Poultry Breeder farms at Abbotabad and Chakwal the seroconversion against IBV serotypes M-41 was observed. In conclusion, presence of more than one serotypes of IBV reflects the circulation of several strains of IBV in commercial poultry of Pakistan.Further isolation and biological characterization of prevailing IBV is required to prepare the effective vaccine against IBV.

Keywords | Infectious bronchitis Virus, Seroprevalence, Agar gel precipitation test (AGPT), Poultry