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Special Issue 1, 2016 “Mycotoxins in Animal Feed: Impact on Livestock and Poultry Productivity and Control Strategies”

Important Dates Submissions: 25th March 2016 to 14th August 2016  
Date of Publication: Continuous (as soon as manuscripts are accepted) but no later than 1st September 2016

Aims and Scope
Mycotoxicology is currently a subject of international significance and has attained considerable attention. Mycotoxins can accumulate in mold-contaminated commodities in the field, during storage, or transport. The performance of livestock is adversely affected by ingestion of mycotoxin-contaminated feedstuff which may cause illness, and decrease in productivity and weight gain, thus the livestock industries suffer heavy economic losses due to contaminated animal feed. Consumption of mycotoxin-contaminated feed also result in milk and meat having toxic residues or biotransformation products. Thus, excessive levels of mycotoxins in feedstuff represent a potential problem for animal health, and indirectly for human health caused by intake of toxic residues contained in animal products. The effect of mycotoxins on animal performance is not easily recognized due to difficulty of diagnosis. Symptoms are often nonspecific and the progression of effects leads to complications in diagnosis due to complex clinical results with a wide diversity of symptoms. The complication of diagnosis is increased due to limited research, multiple mycotoxins contamination, and problems of sampling and analysis. This special issue will consider research papers and review articles on mycotoxin contamination in feedstuff and its impact on animal performance. The issue also seeks research articles on diagnostics and management strategies of mycotoxin hazards. Submission of articles on synergistic effects of mycotoxins on animal health with special reference to livestock and poultry is encouraged.

Leading Guest Editor:

Dr. Shahzad Zafar Iqbal
Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan

Associate Guest Editors:
Samina Ashiq
National Veterinary Laboratories, Park Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Abubakar
National Veterinary Laboratories, Park Road, Islamabad, Pakistan