Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners

Case Report
Res. j. vet. pract. 1 (3): 34 - 35
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Shumaila Manzoor*, Aatka Jamil
National Veterinary Laboratories, Park Road, Islamabad, Pakistan
*Corresponding author:

This report is about the canine parvovirus which affects mostly young dogs. A Labrador retriever pup of 3 months was presented with the complaint of bloody diarrhea and decreased feed intake. On physical examination, animal was lethargic, depressed and dehydrated. There was no history of de–worming and vaccination. As the parvovirus mostly infects young pups and is associated with diarrhea, dehydration and anorexia so the current infection was diagnosed as parvovirus. As there is no precise treatment of viral diseases in our situation so the pup was treated symptomatically using Ringer Lactate infusion @ 15ml/kg of body weight along with injection emitox @ 2ml and injection Avedex @ 2ml, initially for three days. Prognosis of disease is usually poor but fortunately pup was improving and was quite better on day third onward. So the same treatment was continued for next three days except Ringer Lactate infusion and animal recovered 7 days post–infection.

Key Words: Dog; Canine Parvovirus; Contagious; Diarrhea; Vaccine; Immunity