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Res. j. vet. pract. 3 (4): 76 - 79
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Arvind Kumar Sharma1*, Pankaj Kumar1, Laxmi Kumari1, Lalita Kumari1, Chandrakala1, Madhurendra Kumar Gupta2, Sanjit Kumar2, Praveen Kumar2,3

1Department of Surgery and Radiology; 2Department of Veterinary Pathology; 3Department of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Birsa Agricultural University, Kanke, Ranchi-834006, Jharkhand, India.

*Correspondence | Arvind Kumar Sharma, Birsa Agricultural University, Kanke, Jharkhand, India; Email:

An 8 months-old female Belgium Shephered dog was presented at Department of Surgery & Radiology,Clinical complex, Ranchi Veterinary College with a history of golf-ball sized growth over left elbow and damaged skin due to long duration. The case was treated earlier medically without successful outcome. Clinical approach included history, clinical examination, radiography, surgical management along with supportive medication. Growth over left elbow was removed surgically. Skin sutures were removed 12th day post-operatively with observable healing. Furthermore, the dog was observed for 1month period. Dog recovered uneventfully. The aim of this presentation is to report the surgical treatment of long standing olecranon bursitis with ulceration not responded with intralesional medication of dexamethasone and hyluronidase.

Keywords | Capped elbow, Dog, Hygroma, Olecranon bursitis, Surgical management

Editor | Muhammad Abubakar, National Veterinary Laboratories, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Received | August 15, 2015; Revised | September 22, 2015; Accepted | September 23, 2015; Published | October 12, 2015

Citation | Sharma AK, Kumar P, Kumari L, Kumari L, Chandrakala, Gupta MK, Kumar S, Kumar P (2015). Surgical management of olecranon bursitis in Belgium Shepherd dog. Res. J. Vet. Pract. 3(4): 76-79.

ISSN | 2308-2798

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