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Res. j. vet. pract. 3 (2): 41 - 46
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Shaimaa Mohamed Gouda

Animal Medicine Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University

*Correspondence | Shaimaa Mohamed Gouda, Zagazig University- Egypt; Email:

Foreign body syndrome or traumatic reticuloperitonitis (TRP) remains the disease of most interest for many clinicians in developing countries. Ultrasonography is remaining the best diagnostic tool for diagnosis of such disease. Therefore, this work was planned to approve the importance of ultrasound in diagnosis and detection of different complications of this disease in buffaloes. Sixty buffaloes with TRP and 20 clinically healthy buffaloes were examined clinically and ultrasonographically. A 3.5 to 5 MHz convex probe was used to scan the area just behind xiphoid cartilage as well as abdominal and thoracic cavities. Peritonitis and abdominal abscesses were detected as abdominal lesions (n=41) while pericarditis, pleurisy and thoracic abscesses were detected as thoracic lesions (no=19) secondary to TRP. The most clinical signs of abdominal affected buffaloes were anorexia, tympany, scanty faeces and decrease of milk production. The thoracic affected buffaloes had the same previous signs in addition to signs of congestive heart failure (no= 12), respiratory signs (no=4) or both (no=3). Signs of pain reaction were observed in 6 cases with abdominal lesions while these signs were detected in all cases had thoracic lesions. The reticulum of healthy buffaloes appeared with half-moon shaped and had 3.95± 0.5 biphasic contractions/ 4 minutes. In contrast, reticulum with TRP appeared corrugated with reduced or absence of reticular motility. Local and diffuse peritonitis were clarified in 26 cases, peri-reticular abscess in 9 cases, hepatic abscesses in 4 cases and splenic abscess in 2 cases. Moreover, pericarditis was detected in 12 cases, pleuropneumonia in 4 cases and thoracic abscess in 3 cases. In conclusion, ultrasonography should be considered as suitable tool for detection the different complications of foreign body syndrome in buffaloes.

Keywords | Ultrasonography, Reticulum, Foreign body, Buffaloes