Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners

Case Report
Res. j. vet. pract. 2 (6): 105 - 107
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Akbar Ali1*, Naila Siddique1, Muhammad Athar Abbas1, Muhammad Athar Rafi2, Khalid Naeem1
1National Reference Lab for Poultry Diseases, Animal Sciences Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad; 2National Insect Museum, National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad
*Corresponding author:

Torticollis is a common symptom seen in various poultry species which may be due to infectious, non infectious and nutritional causes. However, Newcastle disease (ND) caused by RNA virus Paramyxovirus serotype 1, is one of the most significant and worldwide reported infectious cause, bringing about this manifestation in poultry birds. Oftentimes the birds are capable of safe guarding early lethal infection of NDV and develop neuromuscular signs of torticollis. Such birds have very poor prognosis due to difficulty in breathing, eating and drinking, and there exist very little measures for treatment. Present study revealed successful rehabilitation of domestic pigeon birds affected with ND and exhibiting clinical symptoms of tremors and torticollis. These birds were fed and hydrated manually through sterile plastic tube. Other therapeutic measures included oral administration of a non–steroidal anti–Inflammatory drug-Meloxicam, Prednisolone, vitamin B-12 and antihistaminic drug-Promethazine HCL. These measures proved effective in birds’ recovery. This study proposes preventive measures and guidelines for domestic and fancy birds suffering from torticollis, where there exist very few remedies.

Key Words: Torticollis, Newcastle Disease, paramyxoviruses, Rehabilitation, therapeutic measures