Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners

Case Report
Res. j. vet. pract. 2 (3): 49 - 51
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Musa Korkmaz1*, Kamuran Pamuk1, Basak Tuncer Ulukartal2
1Department of Surgery, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Afyon Kocatepe University, 03200, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey; 2Cat&Dog Veterinary Policlinic, Izmir, Turkey
*Corresponding author:

This report describes removal of an oesophageal foreign body by transthoracic oesophagotomy in a Tibetan spaniel dog. An 8 year–old, weighing 4 kg, male Tibetan spaniel dog was referred with complaint of regurgitation, vomiting and weight loss. In clinical examination, regurgitation, dysphagia, hyper–salivation, abdominal respiration, cough and depression were observed. In thoracic radiography, presence of an irregular–shaped radiopaque foreign body was detected between heart and diaphragm in thoracic part of oesophagus. Oesophageal foreign body was removed by transthoracic oesophagotomy. After thoracotomy, a gastrostomy tube was placed in the stomach of animal and it was hospitalized for one week and it was fed by this way. The control examination at the end of hospitalization period showed that the dog could take liquids orally and recovery was completely achieved.

Key Words: Dog, Foreign Body, Oesophagotomy, Regurgitation, Thoracotomy