Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners

Case Report
Res. j. vet. pract. 2 (3): 42 - 43
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Md. Ahaduzzaman1*, Al Amin2, Mohammed Ashif Imtiaz2, Md. Mizanur Rahman1
1Department of Medicine & Surgery, Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University (CVASU), Bangladesh; 2Department of Physiology, Biochemistry & Pharmacology, Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University (CVASU), Bangladesh
*Corresponding author:

Toxocara spp. are common resident of intestine especially in puppies reared in unhygienic condition devoid of deworming. A gut obstructive case was found as sequel of Toxocara canis in a 2.5 months old puppy manifested by obstipation and distended abdomen. Oral administration of pyrantel pamoate (@5mg/kg B.W) and magnesium hydroxide @ 5ml (total dose) with other supportive therapy was found effective. Reported therapy can be implemented as alternative for surgery in gut obstructive case.

Key Words: Toxocariasis, Puppy, Pyrantel pamoate, Gut obstruction