Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners

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Res. j. vet. pract. 2 (2): 28 - 29
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Muhammad Abubakar1*, Aatka Jamil2, Qurban Ali1
1National Veterinary Laboratory, Park Road, Islamabad, Pakistan; 2FAO National Project, Progressive control of Foot and mouth Disease in Pakistan (GCP/PAK/123/USA)
*Corresponding author:

An outbreak of foot–and–mouth disease in a vaccinated herd of cross-bred cattle and buffaloes at Islamabad capital territory (ICT) area of Pakistan was investigated. The herd was vaccinated three months ago by a locally manufactured FMD vaccine. Although the cattle and buffaloes were of similar vaccination status yet the disease affected only the cross-bred cattle where as no clinical signs were appeared in buffaloes. In a herd of 81 animals, disease occurred in 5 out of 35 cross bred cattle within three days of the index case. Disease spread quickly and a total of 10 cases occurred during the first week yet no clinical disease occurred in buffaloes. Tissue epithelial samples from affected cattle were found positive against serotype “O” of FMDV using ELISA test. The possible source of the outbreak virus could be the mix grazing with local animals where disease was reported earlier. Another feature of the outbreak was the happening of disease within three months of vaccination which indicated vaccine failure. The investigation suggests the monitoring of FMD vaccination being carried out as well as the immunity and resistance studies in buffaloes to FMDV.

Key Words: Foot and mouth disease; Outbreak; Vaccination; Cattle and Buffaloes