Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners

Case Report
Res J. Vet. Pract. 9(1): 9-11
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Verónica Pareja Mena1, Rafael Heredia Cárdenas2, Laura Miranda Contreras2, Camilo Romero Núñez2*

1Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, Diego de Robles s/n, Quito 170157, Ecuador; 2Dermavet Hospital Veterinario, José de la Luz Blanco Mz. 187, Lt.33, Santa Martha Acatitla, Iztapalapa, Ciudad de México.

Abstract | Lethal acrodermatitis is a rare disease of Bull terriers, presumed to be a metabolic disorder of zinc. Is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. Heretofore, no effective treatment is known and the disease cannot be treated with zinc supplementation in the same way as another dermatosis. Most of the time, the affected animals are euthanized. We describe a dog with lethal acrodermatitis, clinical signs, histopathological characteristics and treatment responses in a Bull Terrier dog. Bull Terriers with lethal acrodermatitis have rare presentations and low casuistry, which is why it is important for clinicians to have knowledge about this disease for a better diagnosis and to enable the better management of lesions and to inform the prognosis to the owners.

Keywords | Zinc deficiency, Hyperkeratosis, Macronychia