Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 6(8): 332-336
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Waela Kamal Sabri

Al Muthanna University, The Center of Albadia and Sawa Lake Studies, Iraq.

Abstract | The camel is one of the animals that specifically live in a dry environment such as AL Muthanna Governorate, where a desert is occupied about 90.7% of the total area and it is called Badiat al-Salman. Review of literature revealed absence of a specific project that deal with the development of the camelids in Iraq generally and in Al Muthanna province specifically. Therefore, this study is designed to highlight the reality of camel breeding in the province and to describe the varieties of camels, their types in Iraq, the features of the study areas. Moreover, to show the most important diseases that affecting the camels and facing their breeding. The study was based on the field visit and analytical and statistical methods. The results of this study showed that Al Muthanna province inhabitant are one of the first who domesticated the camels in Iraq. The statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture/ Department of Planning 2008 revealed that the total numbers of camels in Iraq and in Al Muthanna province were (58293) and (7205) heads respectively. Out of the total camels in Iraq, Al Muthanna province occupied the third location in camels breeding with a percentage of camel population reached 12.4% after Nineveh and Dhi Qar provinces. The latest statistics 2016-2017 revealed an increase in the numbers of camels in Al Muthanna (17500) head. The breeding of camels approved to deal with a great economic interest and wealthy. The author recommends to promote the breeding of camels in all Iraqi provinces as well as in Muthanna province in particular as this animal consider as the animal of the future.

Keywords | Al Muthanna province, Camel, Economic, Future, Reality