Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 3 (4): 225 - 232
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Shehadeh Kaskous1, Abdelaziz Fadlelmoula2, 3*

1Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Syria, Expert at the Siliconform GmbH Company, Schelmengriesstrasse 1, D-86842 Türkheim, Germany; 2Department of Genetics and Animal Breed, Faculty of Animal Production, University of Khartoum, P.O.Box: 3213314, Shambat-Sudan; 3Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Alkamel, University of Jeddah, P.O.Box: 110 21931 Alkamel-KSA.

*Correspondence | Abdelaziz Fadlelmoula, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences and Arts, University of Jeddah, P.O.Box: 110, 21931 Alkamel-KSA; Email:

The study was conducted during the period June-September 2013, to study the pattern of adaptability of dairy cows to milking using the individual quarter milking system (MultiLactor) when changing from tying to loose housing system. Daily milk yield and milk quality over a period of two months were tested. A total of 30 Brown-Swiss dairy cows at Türkheim dairy farm-Germany were used in the study. Cows were at different parities and stages of lactation. Collected data were processed using SAS program (SAS, 1999). The study found that the average milk yield rate in the first milking was 77.38±2.40% after changing from conventional to MultiLactor milking system and the individual milk yield rate varied from 47 to 106% of the expected milk yield before the changeover. Milk yield in the first three days after changing was decreased and then increased to the normal values of the expected milk yield before the changeover. Fat and protein contents were not significantly varied during the experimental period after the changeover. Lactose content of the milk showed a significant continuous increase during the study period. Somatic cell count (SCC) in milk decreased during the experimental period and reached the lowest values (114x103/ml) at day 58. Three weeks after the change, urea showed the lowest concentration (10-15 mg/100ml). The result concluded that quarter single tube is more convenient after changing the conventional milking system.

Keywords | Adaptability, Dairy cows, Milk composition, MultiLactor