Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Research Article
Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 9(11): 1951-1958
Figure 1

Map showing the case distribution (552 poultry cases) presented in Kishoreganj District Veterinary Hospital, Bangladesh during (13 October to 27 November, 2019) 

Figure 2

Post-mortem findings of the predominant diseases: 1 Deposition of urate crystals in the serous membrane of the heart. 2a Haemorrhage at the junction of proventriculus and gizzard. 2b Ecchymotic hemorrhage in leg muscle and pectoral muscle. 2c Swollen bursa of fabricius. 3 Dark clotted blood mass in ceca 4a Fragile bronze-colored liver in chick. 4b Omphalitis and typhlitis in chick. 4c Enlarged and fragile liver with congestion and grayish necrotic foci
Visceral gout (broiler) (1), Infectious bursal disease (Sonali) (2), Coccidiosis (Sonali) (3), Salmonellosis (layer) (4) 

Figure 3

Spatial distribution of important poultry diseases (visceral gout, infectious bursal disease, coccidiosis, and salmonellosis) in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh during 13 October to 27 November, 2019 

Figure 4

Distribution of different types of antibiotics prescribed in visceral gout (N=77 broiler cases), infectious bursal disease (N=46 Sonali cases), coccidiosis (N=58 Sonali cases) and salmonellosis (N=46 layer cases) in commercial poultry in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh (13 October to 27 November, 2019) [Frequency numbers of antimicrobials (multiple antimicrobials in individual cases) were counted individually.