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South Asian Journal of Life Sciences

Research Article
S. Asian J. Life Sci. 4(2): 51-60
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Harinath Palem, Suryanarayana Kanike, Venkata Ramana Sri Purushottam

Department of Zoology, School of life Sciences Yogi Vemana University, Vemanapuram, Y.S.R. Kadapa District, Kadapa- 516003, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Abstract | The objectives of the present study was to explore the diversity and abundance of spider fauna at different habitats. This article also presents a study on the distribution and current status of different spider species in four ecosystems of Eastern Ghats of Southern Andhra Pradesh. The basic goals of this study was to gather baseline distribution data on spiders by undertaking exhaustive surveys at some selected sites of four ecosystems of Andhra Pradesh. viz., Sri Lankamala wildlife Sanctuary, (Kadapa district), Rapur Ghat forest, (Nellore district), Pallakondalu, (Kadapa and Chittoor district), Seshachalam Biosphere Reserve forest (Kadapa, Chittoor and Nellore district). During our analysis, a total of 19, 25 and 31, 41 spider families were recorded respectively from these four ecosystems. The statistical and diversity indices for each study sites was calculated. Such surveys are vital for the conservation of these creatures in the light of climate change and building a biodiversity database of spider fauna of Eastern Ghats of Southern Andhra Pradesh in near future.

Keywords | Spider diversity, Sri Lankamala wildlife Sanctuary, Seshachalam Biosphere Reserve forest, Eastern Ghats