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South Asian Journal of Life Sciences

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South Asian J. Life Sci.1 (1): 12 - 18
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Wardah Sharmeen Syed1* , Muhammad Nadeem2, Ikram–ul–Haq1, Farid Ahmed Khan3
1Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan; 2PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Lahore, Pakistan; 3University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
*Corresponding author:

Biogas, an unpolluted and environmentally benign form of energy is very productive for developing countries like Pakistan (specially its rural sector) where the recycling of the waste can be ensured. Moreover, it’s the best supernumerary for the conventional forms of energy like oil and fossil fuels. The present study determined the biogas production potential of animal manure with bacterial strain and compared them with manure alone. Bacterial isolation was carried out using Hungate technique of anaerobic growth, GCMS and the production was made possible by following the rules of anaerobic digester. The isolate was gram positive, non–spore forming and non–motile with the spheroid shape and creamy yellowish colony also was catalase and indole positive. The production of biogas was enhanced by adding this strain in diluted form along with the manure. The results revealed that co–digestion could bring better and stable performances and may prove one of many options for efficient gas production.

Key Words: Methanosarcinae, biogas production, GCMS, Applied microbiology, Mesophilic bacteria, Energy alternatives