Journal of Infection and Molecular Biology

Research Article
J. Inf. Mol. Biol. 3 (1): 1 - 12
Figure 1

Agarose gel electrophoresis analysis showing Oma87 gene (2.42 Kb) of P. multocida sheep S02 isolate and 1Kb ladder 

Figure 2

Phylogenetic tree analysis for the Oma87 gene sequence of P. multocida sheep S02 isolate with nine similar sequence obtained by BLAST hits using MEGA6 

Figure 3

3D structure of Oma87 protein of P. multocida sheep isolate predicted using Swizz modeller 

Figure 4

Ramachandran plot for 3D model of the Oma87 protein 

Figure 5a

3D structure of MHC class II binding FYQYYSAGGIGSLRG epitope (a)  

Figure 5b

MHC class I binding FYQYYSAGGIGSL epitope of Oma87 protein (b) 

Figure 6a

3D structure of MHC class I H2-kDa protein (a) 

Figure 6b

Ramachandran plot (b) 

Figure 7a

3D structure of MHC class II H2-IAb protein (a) 

Figure 7b

Ramachandran plot (b)

Figure 8

Molecular docking of FYQYYSAGGIGSL epitope with MHC class I H2-kDa protein 

figure 9

Molecular docking of FYQYYSAGGIGSLRG epitope withMHC class II H2-IAb protein