Advances in Pharmaceutical and Ethnomedicines

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Adv. Pharm.Ethnomedicines 1 (1): 15 - 18
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Saad Ullah Khan1, Rehman Ullah Khan1, Sultan Mehmood1, Aziz Khan1, Ihsan Ullah1, Tasveer Zahra Bokhari2
1Department of Botany, University of Science & Technology Bannu.; 2Institute of Pure and Applied Biology BZU Multan.
*Corresponding author:

Information and description of the medicinal plants used to cure diarrhea and dysentery was collected from local inhabitants in district Bannu. Of these, plants belong to the following families, Apiaceae, Myrtaceae, Mimosaceae, Alliaceae, Lamiaceae, Rutaceae, Plantaginaceae, Amaranthaceae were with 2 species each. While Euphorbiaceae, Moraceae, Rhamnaceae, Astraceae, Solonaceae, Cypraceae, Meliaceae, Oxaladaceae, Punicaceae, Poaceae, Chenopodiaceae and Caesalpinaceae were with single species each. Of these plants, 16 plants were used to cure dysentery & 8 plants were used to cure diarrhea & 4 plants were used for the treatment of both diarrhea and dysentery.

Key Words: medicinal plants; diarrhea; dysentery; Bannu district. Pakistan