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Journal of Animal Health and Production

Research Article
J. Anim. Health Prod. 5(3): 97-102
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Imran Ahmad Ganai1*, Ankur Rastogi1, R.K. Sharma1, Zulfiqarul Haq1, Himalaya Kumar1

1Division of Animal Nutrition, FVSc & AH, Shere Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology of Jammu, RS Pura, 181102, India.

Abstract | Paddy and wheat generate multi-million tons of straw as residue. These two straws although similar in their nutrient content are quite different in microstructure and non-nutritive chemical composition. Present study scrutinized the effect of these straws when fed in combination as compared to fed as sole roughage on blood biochemical profile and serum enzymes. Eighteen non-descript local adult male goats were randomly divided into three equal groups as per randomized block design and were offered concentrate mixture @20g /kg metabolic body weight (W0.75) along with either wheat straw (WS), paddy straw (PS) or wheat-paddy straw as 60:40 mix (WP) ad libitum. Feeding trial lasted for 30 days. The haemoglobin, total serum protein, albumin, blood urea nitrogen and serum enzymes (alanine transaminase and aspartate aminotransferase) were comparable among goats irrespective of the diets. It may be concluded that wheat and paddy straw can be used as sole roughage or in combination without effecting blood biochemical profile and serum enzymes of goats.

Keywords | Goats, Paddy straw, Straw combination, Wheat straw