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Journal of Animal Health and Production

Case Report
J. Anim. Health Prod. 5(3): 85-88
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SubbiahKrishna Kumar*, Muthusamy Ranjith Kumar, Vijayakumar Mahalakshmi, S. Kavitha

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary College and Research Centre,Orathanadu,Tamilnadu,India, 614625.

Abstract | A four-year-old parakeet was presented with the history of anorexia, whitish plaques in the oral cavity and regurgitation since 18 months. On clinical examination bird was found to be cachectic. Microscopic examination of clinical materials like oral plaques and fecal materials showed few mother Candida spp. with few Gram positive rods. After the proper treatment and guidance, uneventual clinical recovery was recorded and none of the sample showed positive for Candida with bacterial load. Simultaneously owner also treated with Fluconazole. This case report clearly focuses on candidiasis in a parakeet and its reverse zoonosis possibility.

Keywords | Parakeet, Candidiasis, Fluconazole, Reverse zoonosis