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Journal of Animal Health and Production

Research Article
J. Anim. Health Prod. 5(1): 14-18
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Sunil Kumar, S. Subash, Rameti Jangir 

Dairy Extension Section, SRS of ICAR-NDRI, Bengaluru-560030, India; 3 NAU Navsari, Gujrat, India.
Abstract | The present study was conducted with selection of three major indigenous cattle breeds viz. Rathi, Tharparkar and Sahiwal from Bikaner, Jodhpur and Sri-ganganagar districtsof Rajasthan with the samplesize of 180 respondents, rearing at least one selected indigenous cattle for study the feeding and milking management practices adopted by indigenous cattle farmers in study area. It was found that level of adoption among majority of the respondents was medium and low. People are still depended on traditional feeding and milking management practices. Majority (58.3%) of the respondents preferred grazing and stall feeding system. Ninety per cent of the respondents did not feed any mineral mixture to cattle and nobody known about preservation of fodder. In case of milking management, majority of farmers (88.80%) used knuckling method of milking. Majority of the farmers were not aware about the drawbacks caused by the unhygienic milk handling which clearly indicated the lack of knowledge about the clean milk production practices at field level; moreover, farmers were not maintaining cleanliness in their house and milking premises. About 69.50 per cent of the farmers never washed or cleaned their cattle.

Keywords | Indigenous cattle, Respondents, Milking management, Thar desert, Rajasthan.