Journal of Animal Health and Production

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J. Anim. Health Prod. 2 (1): 8 - 11
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Thangavel Geetha, Subodh Kumar*
Division of Animal Genetics, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, 243 122, India
*Corresponding author:

The present study was carried out on Vrindavani cattle, to investigatethe nucleotide variations in exon 3 and 4 of Cation channel of Sperm 1 (CatSper1) gene by the PCR–RFLP technique and the nucleotide sequencing of respective amplicons. To detect restriction site polymorphism, PCR–RFLP was performedon genomic DNA isolated from blood of 100 randomly selected crossbred animals. The PCR–RFLP of 482 bp encompassing complete exon 3 and 4 with flanking introns, using PvuII and RsaIrestriction enzymes produced two (403 and 79 bp) and three bands (229, 152 and 103 bp), respectively. This fragment of CarSper1 gene exhibited absence of polymorphism with respect to restriction enzymes used and accordingly, the allelic frequency was found to be 1.0. The monomorphic pattern the amplicon of CatSper1 gene with respect to different enzymes indicated the conservednessof this gene. Ampliconswere subjected to DNA sequencing after which it was annotated and submitted to GenBank. In order to study the variations at nucleotide level, the sequences of studied amplicons were compared with similar sequences of Zebu cattle, buffalo and goat.

Key Words: Catsper1 gene, Crossbred cattle, Exon 3 & 4, Pvu II, RsaI, Vrindavani