Journal of Animal Health and Production

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J. Anim. Health Prod. 9(1): 78-87
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I Gde Eka Budhiyadnya1*, Zaituni Udin2, Endang Purwati3, Yulia Yellita2

1Department of Animal Disease Investigation Center Region II Bukittinggi, Directorate General livestock and Animal Health, Agriculture Ministry of Republic Indonesia, Jalan Raya Bukittinggi - Payakumbuh KM.14, PO.BOX 35, Kota Bukittinggi 26101, West Sumatra, Indonesia; 2Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Andalas University, Kampus Limau Manis Padang 25163 West Sumatera – Indonesia; 3Department of Livestock Production Tecnology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Andalas University, Kampus Limau Manis Padang 25163 West Sumatera – Indonesia.

Abstract | This research was conducted in two stages to determine the superior criteria characteristics of Pesisir cattle, required for high intensity mating, using 9 cows and 15 bulls. The first stage involves the selection based on age, height, weight, Body Condition Score (BCS), and reproductive diseases. Also, cows were examined for pregnancy and heat, while bulls were evaluated for scrotal boundary, testosterone, and semen quality. Furthermore, the second stage comprise of bulls response assessment to aggressiveness and libido. The results showed a characteristic age range of 18-24 months for cows, and 24-48 months for bulls, with a height of 129.77±1.30cm and 124.33±11.10cm, alongside weight of 256.66±38.28kg and 250.93±87.43kg, respectively. In addition, the BCS were 3-4 and 4-5, correspondingly, and all cows are not pregnant with three heat, three silent heat, and three not experiencing heat. Conversely, the scrotal boundary of bull was 25.30±6.75cm, with testosterone measuring 9.63±5.25ng/ml, alongside good semen quality observed in 11 and bad in 4. The results of the second stage show all bulls to be aggressive towards heat and silent heat, but less aggressive toward non-heat cows. In addition, the libido level was significantly affected by testosterone and age (P<0.01), alongside height, weight, and semen quality (P<0.05). However, the main contributing factors were determined as testosterone concentration, age, weight, semen quality, and height. In conclusion, the high intensity mating criteria for bulls were ages 36-48 months, height 134±1.73cm, weight 348±31.18kg, scrotal boundary 32±0.87cm, testosterone 12.62±3.77ng/ml and good semen quality.

Keywords | Bulls superior, Mating, Libido, Heat, Aggressive