Journal of Animal Health and Production

Case Report
J. Anim. Health Prod. 8(4): 168-170
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Sherin B. Sarangom1*, Varsha Mary Mathai2, Hiron M. Harshan3, C. P. Prasad4, K. Muraleedharan1, Seeja Sundaran1

1Veterinary Surgeon, District Veterinary Centre, Kannur, Kerala, India; 2Emergency Veterinary Services, Veterinary Polyclinic, Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala, India; 3Assistant Professor, DARG&O, CV&AS, Mannuthy, Thrissur, Kerala, India; 4 Chief Veterinary Officer, District Veterinary Centre, Kannur, Kerala, India.

Abstract | A three-year-old full-term Malabari doe in her third parity was referred for dystocia due to abnormal large and disproportionate foetus, presented with oedematous limbs and scrotum, trapped and hanging from the birth canal in a lumbo-sacral position. Based on clinical and per-vaginal examination findings, the condition was diagnosed as dystocia due to concurrent foetal anasarca and ascites. Successful management of dystocia due to foetal anasarca and foetal ascites by foetal abdomen puncture and foetotomy per vaginum in a Malabari doe with concurrent live foetus delivered per vaginum is hereby reported.

Keywords | Foetal anasarca, Foetal ascites, Dystocia, Malabari doe, Foetotomy