Journal of Animal Health and Production

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J. Anim. Health Prod. 8(3): 113-121
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Ikele B. Chika1*, Okpasuo J. Onyekachi2, Ikele F. Chioma3, Ating Emmanuel4, Obiezue N. Rose2, Mgbenka O. Bernard1

1Fishery and Aquaculture Unit,Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria; 2Parasitology and Public Health Unit,Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria; 3Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka; 4Department of Oceanography and Fishery Science, School of Nautical Studies, Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron.

Abstract | Ichthyophthiriasis hampers aquaculture production and alter the host physiology and growth. Currently due to the negative impact of chemotherapy on human health and environment, there is an urgent need to discover both effective and safe antiparasiticide against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ich). Aqueous leaves extract of Moringaoleifera (ALEMO) seems at present to be very effective and cheap in controlling I.multifiliis. In this study, anti-ich efficiency of aqueous leaves extract of Moringa oleifera on Clarias gariepinus was investigated for 1h. Before and after infestation, gills and skin below the dorsal fin were observed microscopically for I. multifiliis abundance. After ALEMO exposure, ALEMO-treated fish showed decreased infestation of I. multifiliis in all investigated tissues than the unexposed negative control fish. The minimum concentrations of ALEMO showed a positive anti-protozoal efficacy in eliminating approximately 99% of the infective stage, theront. The viability of the infective theronts pretreated for 1h showed a slight re-infestation, prevalence and intensity with I. multifiliis against the non-treated group which indicated that I. multifiliis are less susceptible to herbal therapy, Moringa oleifera. According to the results, 4,500mg/l ALEMO significantly eradicated the ectoparasite and can be a good replacement for chemical treatments against I. multifiliis.

Keywords | Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, Theronts, Moringa oleifera, antiparasitic potentials, Clarias gariepinus