Journal of Animal Health and Production

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J. Anim. Health Prod. 8(2): 59-70
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Enkhbolor Barsuren1, Sang-Hwan Kim2, Jong-Taek Yoon2,3*

1School of School of Animal science and biotechnology, Mongolian University of Life Sciences, 17024 Zaisan, Khan-uul District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; 2Institute of Genetic Engineering, Hankyong National University, 327, Jungang-ro, Ansung, Gyeonggi-do, 17579, Korea; 3Department of Animal Life and Environment Science, Hankyong National University, 327, Jungang-ro, Ansung, Gyeonggi-do, 17579, Korea.

Abstract | Embryo transfer (ET) has become the most powerful tool for animal breeders and animal scientists to improve the genetic makeup of their herds. In this study, embryos were analyzed and divided into three groups based on their prevalence in the endometrial tissue, and the genes affecting embryo quality were investigated. The aim of this study was to analyze embryo quality-related gene expression in the endometrial epithelial cells (EECs), embryos, uterine milk, and serum. Our results suggested that FSH and LH positively affected embryo quality; however, the specific regulatory mechanisms involved need further investigation. We found a significantly higher expression of MMP-2 in the low-quality group compared to the good-quality group, and MMP-9-dependent regulation of embryo quality in the good- and fair- quality groups. Higher expression of apoptotic genes, Casp-3 and 20α-HSD, promoted apoptosis in the low-quality group, compared with the good-quality group. Thus, in this study, 20α-HSD and Casp-3 and apoptosis-inducing genes were seen to be highly expressed in the low-quality group, suggesting that MMP-2 is involved in ECM degradation. These results indicate that the expression of MMPs and apoptotic genes in the EECs can be used as a genetic marker to select good-quality embryos. Based on the expression of MMPs and apoptotic genes, we proposed that MMPs play a role in determining the quality of the embryo, by regulating the remodeling system in EECs.

Keywords | Endometrial epithelial cell, Pre-implantation, Classification, Embryo quality, Bovine