Journal of Animal Health and Production

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J. Anim. Health Prod. 8(2): 55-58
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Osman M. Jabary*, Hiwa Yassin Essa, Yousef Khalel Bawakhan, Salim Sabah Abdullah, Nisreen Hadi Ali, Mohammed Tharwat Kareem, Shilan Abubakir Mohammed Amin

Directorate of Veterinary in Garmian, Iraq.

Abstract | A serosurvey was carried out by using cELISA (competitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) to detect the presence of foot and mouth disease (FMD) antibodies in apparently healthy small ruminants (sheep and goats) in Garmian region, Kurdistan, Iraq. The test is valuable in serological surveys because only infected animals with FMD virus will give positive reaction. A total 184 of serum samples (142 sheep and 42 goats) were collected randomly from eighteen flocks belongs to fourteen villages. The result revealed that 36.95% of animals (39.43% sheep and 28.57% goats) show positive results to ELISA antibodies. Moreover, the results were also indicated that 36.77% of female and 37.93% of male animals appeared positive. Furthermore, the high seropositive rate was detected at age >3 years (44 %), that followed by 40% and 14.28% at 1-3 years and <1 year age, respectively. In conclusion, the significant proportion of small ruminants of Garmian region of Iraq is seropositive for FMD.

Keywords | FMD, cELISA, Seroprevelence, Small ruminant, Garmian, Kurdistan, Iraq